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Sterlomaxx Zephyr comes from a family of our 1st generation air steriliser SM2K. It uses the same 5 stage filtration technology which is tested & proven to be more than 90% efficient in reducing airborne contaminants.

With every passing day, the spread of airborne infections are becoming a major problem with no solutions in hindsight. Recent outbreaks of Swine Flu, SARS, Covid-19 has created panic throughout the world with no major breakthrough in treating them. Due to overuse/misuse of antibiotic medicines microorganisms have grown resistant to their effects. Simplest of the infections are becoming challenging for doctors to treat them. Due to globalization, the spread of infection has become easier throughout the world. Spending most of our time indoors, where fresh air ventilation is very limited, has added to the rise of the spread cross infections.

The solution to this major problem lies is the basic principle, Prevention is better than cure. We at Sterlomaxx, believe in applying technology in an efficient manner to achieve this. Sterlomaxx Zephyr uses a tested & proven five stage filtration process. The heart of Its highly efficient technology is ESP which through ionization process removes smallest of the dust particles in the air which are the carriers of microorganisms. Activated carbon filter adsorbs all airborne organic & inorganic chemicals that helps remove harmful gases present in the air. Additional protection of Germicidal Ultra-Violet Irradiation in combination with most efficient HEPA filter ensure the air that you breathe is safe. Test reports by experts have proven this technology to be more than 90% efficient in reducing airborne microorganisms.

Health is wealth. In a highly competitive world today, we cannot afford to leave safety of our health to chance. Our everyday life in closed indoor environments has become prone to getting infected. Hence cleaning the air that we breathe, becomes extremely important. With the 5 Stage filtration process, Sterlomaxx Zephyr not only removes dust particles or harmful gases from the air, it also protects us from various airborne infections by removing all kinds of microorganisms. With Sterlomaxx, YOU CAN BREATHE SAFELY NOW !!!


Sterlo-Maxx Ioniser Is Committed To Significantly Reduce The Levels Of Airborne Micro-Organisms And Dust Particles Within Your Environment Eliminating The Chances Of Infections And Allergies.

In a natural clean outdoor environment the electrostatic balance of positive and negative ions is approximately equal. In enclosed indoor spate the negative ions are depleted.The positively charged air attracts and hold suspended dust particles, which can cause fatigue,headaches, irritation of eyes and allergies

Steriomaxx ioniser emit millions of negative ions in the air Negative ions produced by Steriomaxx ionsiser restore the electrical balance by neutralizing the positive ions. Sterlomaxx ioniser well sterlises the air by killing bacteria, viruses, black mold mildew and fungus spores, and pollen.

Scientific research shows that negative ions have repeatedly proven to: Elevate mood, Increase vitality, and reduce depression and often results, in a general feeling of well being, but without side effects. Negative ions actually increase the oxygen intake of cells, therefore, enhancing cell functioning. It is by this mechanism that Sterlomaxx ioniser can enhance our emotional and physical functioning.

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While we launched Sterlomaxx range of air purifiers to clean the airborne contaminants way back in 2001, We designed the 5 stage filtration technology for our models. Since our major focus was on reducing airborne microorganisms to avoid the spread of cross infections, we decided to test our machines at the reputed names in the microbiology filed. National Chemical Laboratory, Pune is a science & knowledge based research, development & consulting organization & is internationally known for its excellence in scientific research in chemistry. Haffkine institute, Mumbai which is engaged in training, research & testing of various aspects of infectious diseases. Our machines were rigorously tested for its efficacy in reducing airborne microorganisms including fungal colonies.