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Sterlomaxx, since its launch in the year 2003, has been working at the forefront in fighting & reducing the spread of airborne microorganisms in the critical indoor environment.

We all are aware of the outdoor air pollution & its health effects. But we are hardly aware of the perils of our Indoor Air Quality where we spend more than 80% of our time. Various research have shown, that Indoor air can be 10 times more dangerous than the outdoor air. We are Relique Industries, made it our mission to create awareness about this serious concern & created our own brand which will provide maximum sterilisation of air & Sterlomaxx was born in 2003. ..


from Founder's Desk

We strive to build world class brands of meaningful products & services through innovation & creativity to serve the unaddressed needs of people & society at large.

"If an opportunity doesn't knock, build a door."

Back in 2002, when our founder Mr. Chetan Tapadia was trading in industrial consumer products, worked on a project that deals in the air-purification product. The visionary mind identified the limitations and the hidden opportunity to address the critical issue of indoor air pollution. The mission to serve society opened the way for Sterlomaxx with #breathsafelywithsterolmaxx.

Born in the small town of Malegaon, Maharastra, Mr. Chetan Tapadia has studied Instrumentation Engineering from Vikhe Patil College, Loni. With a vision to make it big in the manufacturing industry, he came to Pune to give it a ground reality.
His career started in 1994 as a sales executive. Since then, he has managed to get his hands in various industries, including manufacturing, real estate, property management, hospitality, sales, and marketing, to mention. Witnessing the professional diversity honed his leadership and multitasking ability and extended his horizons.

"The spirit of entrepreneurship never runs dry."

Scanning the business environment, identifying the gaps and hidden opportunities, and conceptualizing the business ideas excites our founder, Mr. Chetan Tapadia. He enjoys understanding how different businesses and industries work, their challenges, and the execution process addressing those challenges.
As a firm believer in the Entrepreneurial Time System, the division of time in days like Focused Day, Holidays, Buffer Days, and Free Days promotes optimum efficiency than an hour-based time system. He believes that Creativity and Innovation form the core of entrepreneurship; thereby, giving birth to creative product lines. Integrity and Passion assure brand value and prosperity.

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