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Sterlomaxx Zephyr has been tested through Computed Fluid Dynamics to understand its function, effect & behaviour in a simulated ICU environment. We created 3000 Cubic Feet of hospital ICU room with 3 patients. One of the patients is infected & is spreading contamination in the room.

The hospital ICU has an air conditioner with a 500 cfm airflow & 15 % fresh air intake & Sterlomaxx Zephyr, with an airflow of 220 cfm. Normal breathing rate for each individual is considered & simulation results were checked with & without air purifier functioning.

Data was gathered from thousands of points & air pattern was studied for spread of contamination & airflow through air purifier & airconditioner. Multiple readings were taken for a sytudy of over 2 hours of operation. The results clearly shows, Sterlomaxx Zephyr reducing the overall contamination levels by more than 76%.

We at Relique Industries manufacture worldclass products that help to improve the indoor air quality. We are air purifier manucaturers based in Pune, India. Sterlomaxx has been improving the indoor air quality across the world since 2001.

Breathe safely with Sterlomaxx !!

Sterlomaxx Ionex Air Purifier Demonstration Video
Sterlomaxx is a 17 year young brand that has been working in the field of Air Purification. Improving the indoor air quality is our core business. Sterlomaxx Ionex is a simplest & powerful air purifier that purifies the air with negative ions. It throws highly charged negative ions in the air, that attracts airborne fine dust particles & settle them on the ground. By removing these particles, which are the carriers of airborne microorganisms & allergens, it cleans the air that we breathe. Airborne infections & allergies, are drastically eliminated from spreading in your indoor environment, where we spend most of our time.
Sterlomaxx Air Purifiers - How it cleans the harmful indoor air
Our everyday indoor environment needs a lot to be done as we spend more than 70% of our time indoors. Our indoor air contains more harmful contaminants such as biological (Bacteria & Virus), gaseous, Volatile organic compounds which affects human health due to insufficient or improper ventilation.
Sterlomaxx Air Purifiers has been cleaning the indoor air since 2001 & eliminating the spread of infections. Sterlomaxx is proven to be more than 90% efficient in reducing airborne microorganisms. Our new model Zephyr is designed to combat the toughest airborne virus or bacteria in order to prevent the spread of diseses such as SARS, Corona (Covid-19), Flu etc.
Cleaning your indoor air, is our core business.
Breathe Safely, with Sterlomaxx.
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